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Dried Fruit & Nuts

Fruit Hampers

You might like to reward a member of staff or send a thank you to clients. Tailored to your budget, a hamper full of their favourite things is a great gift.
To make it extra special, you can choose what fruit you like and add extra gifts to make it personal.How about a bottle or two of champagne or wine, luxury puddings, crackers and cheese.


 Delivered all over London so all the hard work is done for you! Give us a call and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Exotic Fruit


Don’t forget we also have a huge variety of exotic fruits, which can make an interesting change including Ramboutan, Mangosteen, Grenadillo, Pitaya and Dragon Fruit.
For customers who don’t mind using a knife, we also have Pineapples, Papaya, Melons and fabulous Mangos from Brazil.




Paraguayos are a delicious secret from east Asia. A type of peach which has an almost fuzz-free skin, this is the sweetest, juiciest peach. Rich in vitamins A and C, the flattened peach has been marketed as a 'Saturn' or 'doughnut' peach; but it's a travesty to associate this fruit with deep-fried junk food!
New strains of this tree has made it easier to grow in more demanding climes, and increasing its availability. The peaches are best when ripened on the tree, and stored and eaten at room temperature. The white flesh is sweet peach which a hint of almond, is easy to eat out of hand with an easy to remove stone. A real 'must-have' fruit for peach lovers!


First Time Special


Cut Fruit Tubs

Our cut fruit line-up includes everything you would expect and a few exotic fruits to excite your taste buds.


A great office snack.
You want it we got it, Salted, Roasted, Plain, Smoked and even Spicy. All supplied in convenient, re-sealable tubs.

Dried Fruit


The healthy option. Nutritious and delicious. The perfect nibble to have in the office. Supplied in our clear resealable snack tubs.

5 a Day Campaign

Ripe4offices is an active member of the Government's
5 A DAY campaign.